Roof Tile Coatings


Clay and concrete roof tiles have a finite life span, as they become more porous with age. Also, organic matter on roofs, moss and lichen is becoming more and more of a problem these days. This is believed to be due to the cleaner air we now experience with the gradual disappearance of industry in the UK and the clean air act of the 1970’s. It is also being made worse by the milder and wetter winters we are now experiencing. Therefore, we can only expect this problem to get worse in coming decades.

Organic matter on the roof is not only unsightly, but causes many other serious problems. The roots of these plants will go into tiles, making them very moisture retentive and increasing the chance of suffering from frost damage and bringing down the life span of tile even further. Roofs with organic matter will also suffer with blocked gutters after heavy downpours, and weight load on the roof is significantly increased.

As is well known, the average cost of a new roof is between 4 and 6 thousand pounds (more for particularly large ones) and this still won’t solve the long term problem of your roof collecting organic matter. This is why many wise UK householders are now following the lead of their continental counterparts and preferring to invest in roof tile coating renovations instead.

Aquaseal are UK leaders in this field of specialist roof tile coatings, which have a multitude of advantages to the roof, and are available in a range of colours.


The Cleaning Process

In order to first remove organic matter from your roof, Aquaseal mostly use a specialist bristle based cleaning machines, which clean the tiles superbly without causing any damage. These machines have been specially designed for this purpose. Householders should beware of companies offering to clean your roof by jet-washing it. This will not only create untold mess around the area of your house (not making you very popular with the neighbours!) but more seriously, can cause other problems. Jet washing a roof is the water equivalent of a very severe storm lashing your roof. This can highlight any faults in the roof such as missing tiles, torn felt, imperfect valleys e.t.c and cause damage from roof leaks.  Such companies offering cheap quotes for these jet-washing services more than likely won’t be insured and this could leave you with more than you bargained for.                                        

cleaning process
The preparation process

Aquaseal give a comprehensive guarantee on their roof tile coating renovations, so it is imperative that, after the cleaning process any problems with the roof are addressed. All inclusive in the price (within reason), Aquaseal will replace any broken or missing tiles, re-point any ridge tiles, repair valleys e.t.c before we go any further. 

After this, the roof is treated with a special anti-fungicidal wash, in order to kill any microscopic lichens and algae before the roof tile coatings are applied.

Roof tile coatings
Aquaseal apply 2 coats of the roof tile coating colour of your choice using an airless spraying machine.  It is very important to use one of these specialist machines for this task as they will reduce the coating to an extremely fine mist, which all helps to ensure a perfect coverage, without any patchiness. It also limits the possibility of any coating getting onto any areas where it is not desired. Once again, consumers must beware of companies trying to apply these coatings cheaply using inadequate machinery, as this will not produce the desired cosmetic result and very possibly cause unwanted mess.

Aquaseal’s roof tile coating renovations have all the following advantages:

    • Very attractive
    • No more moss, algae, lichen e.t.c
    • Maintenance free
    • Micro-porous (breathable)
    • Insulation improved
    • Solar reflective
    • Will also resist acid rain, and other pollutants
    • Comprehensive guarantee given   


Colours Available